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If you have already opened an Amazon account or are running a successful sales campaign on Amazon then you already know how competitive this leading market place is, to sell your item you have to have a competitive edge . Amazon Repricing is not new, in fact just recently Amazon incorparated the ability for you to reprice against your competition built in as an optionfor you can choose to use in the system settings. This Amazon repricing feature uses the ASIN and calibrates the lowest or match lowest price to make sure you get the sale.

So you may ask if Amazon now has this amazing new Amazon repricer / Amazon price management tool then why would you look else where. The simple answer is Intelligent Repricing! The ability to watch the market, your competitors, your inventory and your sales and make the price changes required when required, this gives you complete control and a real edge on your competition.

AutoPriceManger now offers the ability to create Smart Strategies, to allow you to completely control your listings hands free. You can basically write your own complex intelligent strategies in simple English and have AutoPriceManager review and rewrite it for you as your own personal Strategy, you can then use this Strategy on one or more of your listings to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition.

How it works –

You create an account at go to Shop Connect and connect your given Amazon account, then you simply hit the Reload Listings button and download your live listings.

Next you need load a Strategy and Filter, by default you will have Match Lowest Strategy and an as new Filter loaded. These defaults enable you to activate your entire list of Amazon listings and go live in a few clicks!

You get to watch your Listings live and track history and reports, monitoring every item you have for sale and maximizing profits across your entire stock range..

You may choose to use the Preset Strategies or create your own. The Presets have been created for you to choose from and select the best Strategy for your Listings or Group of listings. Most likely you have a selection of items for sale that require different needs, using the Amazon Repricer will only get you one angle and one look at the market, using for Amazon repricing will enable you to look at your competition, look at your sales, and look at your Ranking position. As you can see, now you have at your fingure tips a complete intelligent Amazon Repricer. will work live on Amazon and or eBay and has the ability to Link and SKU match prices across accounts such as - Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, NETO, Rakuten and WooCommerce.. Amazon and eBay accounts are master accounts as these are 2 major market places, linked accounts have restrictive options to allow you to be less active but still keep your prices competitive.

Don’t get left behind, get started today and see your sales and profits increase.

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