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One of the best e-commerce Web stores available is BigCommerce, when it comes to managing multiple stores how do you keep your listings items prices up to date, this is not always easy, manually changing prices is not an option for most. Big commerce Repricing can be done using the Auto Price Manager. The AutoPriceManager will SKU match your eBay and or Amazon price changes and keep your Big Commerce price management up to date.

One of the most comprehensive repricing software tools on the Internet today is the AutoPriceManager. It will not only Reprice your Big Commerce prices, it will also work on other platforms and reprice / auto price accordingly the likes of shopify, Rakuten and magento.

You just need to set your base price, price strategy and interval then leave it running to automatically change pricing. When it comes to big commerce auto pricing, no software does it best like the AutoPriceManager since it would give you the flexibility of choosing whether you want to set the pricing in reference to your stock or competitor pricing.

Why choose AutoPriceManager?

  • Best price everytime compared to competitors – now you don’t have to worry about manually changing prices, the AutoPriceManager will monitor and manage all the pricing changes 24-7. More sales at the best price.
  • No need for coding, set pricing in a few clicks – you don’t need to be a programmer or do complex formulas, the AutoPriceManager will do the job for you. Just set it all in the settings area: “Lowest” “Match Lowest” “Average” Set the hard Floor and Ceiling Prices, include or exclude competitors.

What types of accounts do AutoPriceManager have?

Currently, the AutoPriceManager have 3 accounts:

  1. 14 day FREE account trial – if you want to try the AutoPriceManager and its features, please take note this is only for ebay accounts.
  2. Business account – only for ebay users with 1 ebay account and 1000 ebay listings.
  3. Pro account – this type of account is best for big commerce, as it will allow you to connect up to 3 ebay accounts, unlimited listings and up to 3 external ecommerce link like big commerce, shopify, amazon and magento. You can set the pricing on all of these e-commerce sites in just a few clicks.

So, I have a Pro account, how can I connect my big commerce store?

When you login to your Pro Account, click on “Shop Connect” on top of the site’s menu:

  • Click +Linked Accounts
  • Click +Accounts (by this time, a popup box will ask for your big commerce credentials)
  • Fill all the necessary info

The AutoPriceManager is truly the best big commerce auto pricing tool available today, beating other tools that don’t do the job. With its essential features that you can use across platforms, it is a versatile tool that will boost your sales, increase pricing stability and let you focus more on other things aside from price changes. Do not let your business control you, let the AutoPriceManager control your business and simply reap the benefits .

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