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eBay Repricing, Facts!

Repricing is not a completely new concept, with the advent of API integration to the Market place prices can be manipulated via simple or complex software programs, what has changed though is the strategies being used by companies to manipulate the price to increase sales and increase profit margins.

eBay Repricing normally relates to eBay price management, watching the competition and being the cheapest item on the market, this has proven to have amazing results on sales and a great way to beat the competition, the only issue is Repricing on eBay has become the norm, this results in a race to the bottom and consequently large price reductions to the point of selling items at close to zero profit, some sellers are happy to do this in order to keep their accounts sales looking good, but you have great sales withlow or worseno profits, not a great result for any business, there is another way.

EBay Repricing your entire eBay account using AutoPriceManager.com. AutoPriceManager.com monitors the items sales figures and competition, it can even watch your stock levels. It then changes your price accordingly, making sure you are maximising profits and increasing sales.

If you can think back to the last time your puchased on eBay, you would most probably have looked at the top 4 or 5 items, you will then focus in on an exact match of the item you require, then price and then the sales figures of item buy Seller, this will vary of course but stats show 90% of the buyers on eBay purchase in this manner.


So now you know, you really have to worry about the top 5 competitors. Lets focus down more, your potential buyers are going to look at a few key factors in these top 5, highest sales, price and lastly the Seller. Contrary to popular belief most buyers do not go straight to the feedback, with the sheep mentality installed in us all they figure hey he/she sells a lot of these they must be ok. Now lets break this down even more, if you’re a serious seller with a large to moderate selection of items for sale your going to have items that rank very high with sales history, question is are you maximising your position? Are you scared your sales will drop off and your ranking will fall, reality of the situation is your not safe and you can drop or lose your postion at any time for many reasons way out of your control.

What to do:

eBay Price management using AutoPriceManager.com will allow you to push your prices up incremently and maintain your good Ranking position. Yes in some cases sales may drop slightly but this can be a good thing right? WHAT? - Ok I’ll explain, in most cases you would already have lowered your profits significantly to get to the top spot and increase the sales, now with eBay repricing you sell half as much for +100% more profit. Doesn’t this make more sense, some may so no, but the maths says yes, you have less product out there, less support and less logistics costs, whilst seeing the same revenue, see now products that were not profitable in the past are now worth your time and effort to buy and on sell.

Previous Sales Figures_4 per day


New Sales Figures_2 per day

New Profit_$10.00

Making more profit overall with less overheads is always good business. For more info be sure and visit www.AutoPriceManager.com

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