1- How can Auto Price Manager help your Power Seller Business?

The Auto Price Manager will allow you to load your Listings automatically and apply Filters and Pricing Strategies created by you to suit your business needs. You may choose to match or beat your competition or you may choose a Sales based Strategy to watch your listing sales and then price accordingly. AutoPriceManager now also gives you the ability to price based on your Available Quantity, get the best price for items you find are low on stock, or you may want to simply reduce the price to clear the shelves. What ever your Pricing strategy requirements you can with a few clicks set up a Strategy that will see your Sales and Profits soar..

2- How does the Auto Price Manager work?

Auto Price Manager will allow you to connect to your Ebay account and download all your listings, from here you can use the tools ( Strategies, Filters, Autofill and Defaults) to manage the price for each an every one of your listings. Pro Account Holders will also be able to manage prices of listings on external Linked Web Stores such as - Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Big Commerce Magento WooCommerce and more to come. Pro account holders can see Linked accounts in "Shop Connect” Trial and Business account holders will need to upgrade, see top of the page in “Settings”.

3- How do I get started?

Simply signup for a 14 day FREE “Trial, Business or Pro account" and connect to your eBay account! Click Here!

4- What access do i get when I’m using a “Trial” account?

The “Trial” gives you a full working Auto Price Manager account restricted to 100 listings, more than enough for you to see and test the power of Price management!

5- What’s the difference between “Business” and “Pro” accounts?

The “Business” account is restricted to 1 ebay account and 1000 ebay listings. The “Pro” account allows up to 3 eBay accounts and unlimited eBay listings, you can also connect 1-3 External Web Store Linked Accounts such as - Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Big Commerce Magento WooCommerce and more to come. If we don’t currently connect to your Web store then be sure and send a request, if we receive enough requests for any type of Web Store you can be sure we will connect to it!

6- What is a Linked Account and how does that work?

Auto Price Manager Pro accounts will have the ability to Link ( in under "Shop Connect” ) their external Web stores such as - Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Big Commerce Magento WooCommerce. Using "SKU” matching Auto Price Manager is able to search for any SKU in these external Web stores that match that of those in the clients listings and change the price of those items remotely. You will also have the ability to “Increase” or “Decrease” the price as a % across all those items in your External Web Stores. 

eg - You have your Ebay listings price managed with Auto Price Manager, you then connect your “Shopify” Web Store in under “Linked Accounts", you set the connection to increase the prices +5%. Now SKU’s in your Shopify Web Store that match the SKU’s (aka Custom Labels) in your eBay store will change +5% as per the settings.

7- What are Floor / Ceiling Prices?

“Floor” price is the lowest price that you will accept regardless of what eBays search listed lowest price maybe. “Ceiling” price is the highest price you will accept for this item. Setting the price too high can be counter productive regardless of the competition!

8- What is a Price Strategy?

You can select for a Strategy based on your Items Price, Sales or Available Quantity. You can simply select a Price based Strategy “Lowest” "Match Lowest” etc. Sales Strategies can be created by using the options in the drop  down menus available. Available Quantity Strategies once again can be created by using the drop down menus available. So you don’t need to be a programmer to create the complex Strategies!

9- What do the Filters do?

“Filters” give you the ability to sort and filter out non relevant competition and or non relevant sellers. With practice and revision you will be able to find the right setup for each listing!

10- How do i track and beat my competitors?

If you have a Price Strategy selected and a Search Query and or MPN entered then Auto Price Manager will watch the competition and change your Listings Price accordingly at the time intervals set in Settings

11- How often does Auto Price Manager change my prices?

In “Settings” you can select from 1hr - 1 week for the Auto Price Manager to run your selected Price Strategies.

12- What if I am using the Ebay Markdown Manager?

Listing that are Marked down will still be editable however you will not be able to Activate them till the Sale ends.

13- What if I run out of stock?

If your Listing happens to run out of stock then you will see a red “?” next to the “ON/OFF” button to indicate that the item is “Out of Stock” You will be able to edit and activate the Listing however no price changes will occur till Stock is replenished.

14- How do i keep track of my Prices?

Is setting your can select to have reports sent to you Daily Weekly or Monthly showing your listings that hit Floor or Ceiling price caps, you will also see how these items are Ranking based on your “Search Query". You can also selected from the “Edit” drop down the “History" option to show all the detailed Price changes for the life history of that listings place on Auto Price Manager.


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