Floating Prices Auto Repricing Software


Monitor the Markets, set and forget, let the AutoPriceManager watch the competition and the Market conditions to price your listings accordingly.

Floating Prices is a new concept, it simply means to let the price move up and down according to the supply and demand of the item you are selling. There are other factors at play here though, the market you are selling in, be it eBay or Amazon, your ranking, and the popularity of the item you are selling. Good news is those factors really don’t matter as the Auto Price Manager will look at your sales history and change the price to increase your sales on slow movers and or increase your profits on the fast movers, in some cases you can get lucky and achieve both, which is a great place to be, all of this is done automatically and hands free once you set it up which in most cases can be in just a few clicks.

The AutoPriceManager – with its latest functionality can also watch your opposition and your inventory and change price accodingly. This software is made by sellers for sellers, you can now get the most profit at the best price all the time. You don’t have to worry about missing a sale opportunity or over-discounting products. This  price matching ebay tool will give you more time to focus on your operations and more important things.


Set the ceiling price and hard floor price, exclude or include your competitors, set it to “Lowest” “Match Lowest” “Average”, whatever pricing strategy you have in mind, the AutoPriceManager is flexible for you. You can be assured that your items will sell fast at the best price every time.

 You can even set the intervals of price changing from 1hr – 1 week dependent with your selected price strategy.

Can I use this in conjunction with other sales, like Markdown Manager?

Ebay listings with discounts are still editable; however, the price change would not be in effect unless the sale ends.

What if I run out of stock?

Till stock is replenished no price change will occur. You will know if the listing is out of stock due to the red “?” next to the “ON/OFF” button. You will be able to activate and edit it, however, price changes wouldn’t take effect.

Aside from ebay and Amazon being set as your primary accounts you can also Link connect to Shopify, Magento, and Big Commerce  and many other merchant accounts, this means you can SKU Price match to these Linked accounts, giving you compete control of your pricing across all your Sales Platforms.

Does the AutoPriceManager offer a trial period, so I can check out its functionality before signing up?

YES! You can sign up for a 14 day FREE Trial – money back guarantee, however, if you want to connect other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, etc. You must use the Pro account.

The AutoPriceManager is the only price syncing ebay tool that gives you total control of how you want your pricing automation to be. No need to manually monitor the market or revise your listings, as the tool does it for you. You will have total confidence that optimum pricing is met and sales will increase, giving you maximum freedom and time to focus back on your business.

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