Below you can see the 3 steps to getting your account up and running. Watch the video on the right, pause the video when necessary to proceed with the steps as directed.

After signing up for either a Business / Pro account or a 14 day Trial, you will then sign in and be directed here to the “Getting Started” Page. If you haven’t yet created and account - CLICK HERE

Step 1. Connect

Login to your account and proceed to the “Shop Connect” Click on the +Account button at the top of the page, a Box will open up for you to enter your Ebay ID and select your current Market place, then click “Add Account” You will then return to the “Shop Connect” page, now you will be required to “Generate Token” once done confirm the “Status” is ticked and your account is now active.

Step 2. Default

 Proceed back to the top menu and click on “Price Management” here you will see the “Price management” page open, at the top left you will see a Red button ‘Default Settings” click on this to open a dialog box, here you can see Defaults set for Strategy and Filter, you may change these at any time. Below you can also see the Autofill section, these options allow you to auto load fields on download, simply select turn on if you wish to enable Autofill. Next simply click “Update” and proceed back to the “Price Management” page

Step 3. Load Listings

Click on the blue button at the right top of the “Price Management” page “Reload Listings”, if Autofill enabled, all your listings will be downloaded with the “Default Settings. Note after any manually editing of any Listing these changes will remain unchanged should you choose to hit the “Reload Listings” button again at any time. All Listings are updated automatically every 24 hours ensuring Auto Price Manager and your connected accounts are always in sync.

Any questions be sure and contact our support team on the top menu “Support”

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