Magento Auto Repricing Management


If you are planning to move your e-commerce store to the Magento platform you may have also considered the necessity of matching the prices between your various sales channels. You might want to use some form of pricing tool your  magento price management to automate all your pricing requirements.  This is where the Auto Price Manager may be of assistance for your various e-commerce platforms.

If you decide to simply change pricing manually, it will require an large amount of time, especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of products across multiple platforms. This issue is now can be solved by using magento auto pricing software to  manage all pricing even in other e-commerce site in one easy to use solution – the AutoPriceManager.

Pricing automation is now a simple process without comprising control and best practices.

The features and add-ons are the reason why the AutoPriceManager is the best tool for magento price management. It gives you the option to choose your pricing strategy according to the competition, stocks and intervals. No other tool on the market currently can beat the simplicity and functionality of this software.

Why  AutoPriceManager?

  • Simple and direct – Activate in a few clicks, that’s all it would take to activate your pricing strategy
  • Let AutoPriceManager monitor the competitor for you
  • Best price every time
  • Increase in sales and profit
  • 3 account types for every user
  • Price across multiple platforms
    • Ebay
    • Amazon
    • Shopify
    • Big Commerce
    • Woocommerce
    • Magento
    • Other platforms are still being developed

How do you connect other e-commerce platforms?

For you to be able to connect magento for auto repricing and other e-commerce platforms other than ebay, you must get a Pro account, from there, click on +Linked accounts then +Accounts. You just have to simply supply your merchantID info.


The types of accounts in AutoPriceManager

  • 14 day FREE Trial – for those who want to try the tool, you will be able to connect 1 ebay account and limited listings
  • Business account – able to connect up to 3 ebay accounts and unlimited listings
  • Pro account – able to connect up to 3 ebay accounts and unlimited listings, plus other external e-commerce platform like Magento. You should get this type of account if you want to connect your magento store.

How does competitor monitoring work?

It is essential to monitor the pricing and progress of your competitors  in order to maximize sales and profits. Experience has shown that short and long term pricing opportunities exist to maximize profits and boost your bottom line, to levels you didn’t think were possible. The AutoPriceManager has the functionality wherein, you just have to have a pricing strategy and a search query to target the competitors you want to monitor. Once, monitored you can set your AutoPriceManager tool to change the pricing of your Magento listings according to the competitor’s pricing.

What makes AutoPriceManager the best tool in magento pricing management? It does not only monitor competitor pricing, but you can set your own pricing strategy and time for it to change without constantly going back and forth revising listings. No other tool can beat this kind of automation like the AutoPriceManager. Don’t get left behind, take control of your time!

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