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Manage all your e-commerce pricing with one powerful repricing manager tool – the AutoPriceManager.

Not only will it change the pricing across multiple platforms, but will also monitor the competition and the market conditions.

The functionality and use of this software makes it very intelligent as it changes the pricing for you, you only need to set the pricing strategy, Floor and ceiling prices once. No more need to manually reprice all of your listings. Montitoring all your items prices can take hours and days depending on the number of listings you have. Also with the pricing set, you can be assured that you will have the best pricing on all your items all the time. The AutoPriceManager gives you the control you need in your business like you have never experienced before.

Advantages of AutoPriceManager

  • Automated repricing manager – set your software once and you can leave the system to do the price changing for you. Set it to “Lowest” “Match Lowest” “Average”, ceiling price/hard floor price and exclude/include your competitors, whatever pricing strategy you set, best pricing will be set all the time. Aside from this there are other functions that you can use that makes the AutoPriceManager a more powerful repricing manager tool.
  • Set the time or interval for price change – you can choose from 1hr - 1 week to change the pricing for you automatically.
  • Be on top of competition -  no need to look closely and monitor competitors, all you need is a search query and pricing strategy, then you are good to go. Competitor’s pricing will be monitored by AutoPriceManager along with the market conditions.
  • Can be used with other e-commerce store:
    • Magento
    • Ebay
    • Amazon
    • Big Commerce
    • Shopify
  • Flexible to suit your pricing needs – you can choose different pricing strategies according to your business type. If you happen to run out of stock, the AutoPriceManager can still be editable, however, it won’t change any pricing unless the stocks are replenished.
  • 3 types of accounts for every type of e-commerce account
    • 14 day FREE trial – money back guarantee, you can try the AutoPriceManager and see if it fits your business style
    • Business account – connect up to 3 ebay accounts, and 1000 ebay listings
    • Pro account – connect up to 3 ebay accounts, unlimited ebay listings and connect external e-commerce store


To gain total control of pricing the best repricing manager today is the AutoPriceManager. Due to it’s functionality, it is considered as the most intelligent repricing manager on the market that does not only change the pricing across multiple platforms, but also give you other functions to monitor your competitors and market, the market sales and the market conditions. The AutoPriceManager can be set to your own pricing strategy to meet optimum pricing and increase sales. Try out this powerful software now and reap the benefits of pricing automation.

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