Decsription-Watch this Overview to understand the workings and power of the Auto Price Manager, and understand how it can help you increase your sales and business bottom line.
Getting Started
Business accounts allow 1 eBay account with up to 1000 listings. Pro accounts allow up to 3 eBay accounts with unlimited Listings and up to 3 "Linked Accounts" to either eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Big Commerce, Woocommerce or Magento. Using the SKU numbers as a reference "Linked Accounts" will match prices across your selected Ecommerce platforms.
Default Settings
Quick guide to enable you to set the Default prior to downloading all your Listings. Note Listings are updated every 24hrs and you may Reload Listings at any time. Edited listings will not be overwritten.
Preset Strategies
Here we explain the Preset Strategies and there operations and use.
Price Strategy
How to create and apply a Lowest by, Match Lowest or Average Price Strategy to your live Listings.
Sales Strategy
How to create Sales Strategy's both with static figures and Moving Daily averages. Also Reverse logic explained.
Available Quantity Strategy
How to create a Strategy based on your Stock levels available. This is helpful to protect stock lines from shorting.
How to create Filters to filter in or out Listings and or Sellers from your Search results. Many other options available to to target the best results.
Price Lock
Here this video will show you how to create and use the Price Lock for both Sales and Rank in Filters.

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